Health and Well-being Centre reopening

The Health and Well-being Centre at the club was given the go ahead on Friday by Ulster GAA to reopen from Monday 24th May.

In the mean time please familiarise yourself with the following.

The HWBC centre will undergo a full decontamination process using our recently acquired Portable Electric ULV Fogger Sprayer Machine.  This process will be done regularly when the centre is open.

A booking system is in place so you can book via the “Book Now” button below. You cannot attend the HWBC without prebooking a slot.  The slot will be for an hour, and there will be a 15 minute space between slots to allow for cleaning, safe exit, and clear entry for the next users.

You may book up to three slots per week at this stage.

There will be a maximum of 6 people in the HWBC at any one time.  We will operate 7 days per week with early morning and evening slots available.

There will be hand sanitiser on entry or you may wash your hands immediately at the sink.  There will be trigger bottles and blue roll placed at each individual training area with bins provided for disposal.

Users should remain at least 2m apart at all times, with the exception of assisting with spotting when a face covering must be worn. Individual training areas have been marked out.  Please respect these and follow the directions.

We are delighted the HWBC can re-open, but we must be cautious and ensure we are not increasing the risk exposing each other to Covid-19 through our activities.

Any breach of the regulations will be met with significant sanctions.  Members are reminded that fobs are linked to user names and we record how they are used, and there is CCTV surveillance in place.


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By Chris Turley Sun 23rd May