Player Profiles

Ahead of the game we caught up with local hero John 'Stick' McCarty, the spicest man in the north, for a few questions:

Name: John McCarthy.

Position: Midfield/Forward.

Height: 6"0.

Best Memory on a Gaelic pitch: Ulster final with Loughinisland.

Best Manager played under: Ross Carr.

Best player played with: Dan Gordon.

Best player played against: Liam Doyle.

Favourite drill at training: Shooting.

Least favourite: Tackling.

Do you do much gym work: Yes.
If yes, favourite exercise: Pull ups & bicep curls (make sure you get a pic where my arms are looking good).

Traditional pitch attire or spice: 100% spice.

Favourite food: Beans, chicken and tuna.

Food you wouldn't touch with a barge pole: Coleslaw.

Favourite type of music: R&B.

Favourite film/TV series: Sopranos.


Most intelligent: Conor O'Toole.

Least intelligent: Paddy Megoran.

Slowest: Aaron 'Longjaw' McClements.

Would never stick their hand in their pocket: Decky Valentine or Raymond Nixon.

Hard man of the team: Aidan Nixon.

Biggest sleaze: Conor Megoran.

Worst dress sense: Willie Russell, the man still believes in bootcut jeans.

And finally...who's the longest in the shower: Ryan Stranney, with all that hair it takes him ages!!